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SB 215

It is true that Gov. Dewine has signed Senate Bill 215, referred to by many as the Constitutional Carry Bill,, which will make it legal to carry a concealed handgun without a license in Ohio 91 days after it is filed by the Secretary of State.

It is NOT yet in effect until the 91 days pass.

With regard to purchasing a firearm in the State of Ohio, nothing has changed.

Many don't seem to realize that you can already purchase a firearm without a license to carry as long as you are eligible under state and federal laws.

You must still be a qualifying adult (for handgun purchases, you must be 21 years old and for long guns the age to purchase is 18), not prohibited from possessing a firearm under state or federal law, not a fugitive from justice, etc..

It is a good idea to read the bill and the summary and not just listen to the talking points you are hearing in the news or from friends.

While this topic is something we are being asked about, we are not lawyers and do not give legal advice.

This is the summary of the information released by Buckeye Firearms Association regarding the bill.

"SB 215 makes several important changes to Ohio's concealed carry laws:

Obtaining a concealed handgun license will become optional, so if you are able to legally carry a concealed handgun with a license, you will also be able to carry without a license. The same rights and responsibilities apply in either case.

You will no longer have the duty to "promptly" notify every law enforcement officer during an official stop. Instead, you must disclose that you are carrying a concealed handgun only when an officer asks, unless you have already notified another officer.

If you choose to obtain a concealed handgun license, you will no longer be required to carry the license on your person.

Here are two references for further details on this new law: Text of the act as enrolled. Summary and analysis by the Ohio Legislative Services Commission

It is important to note that SB 215 will not eliminate or change the current Ohio licensing system. Those who wish to obtain a license for carrying a concealed handgun in Ohio or in other states with reciprocity agreements may continue to do so.

In addition, whether you choose to carry with or without going through the licensing process, you must still be a qualifying adult, such as being at least 21 years of age, not prohibited from possessing a firearm under state or federal law, not a fugitive from justice, etc. Refer to the links above or the Attorney General's booklet on concealed carry. "

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