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With such a diverse team and a range of equipment, we can create a wide variety of custom designs! We have two in-house factory-certified Cerakote® applicators, an in-house graphic artist, laser engraving/etching capabilities, CNC machined parts & manufacturing, custom holster capabilities, and more!

We are a Premier Custom Shop! We are asked Daily, “Can you do          ?” The answer is almost always "YES!" Our only limitations are Imagination & Budget. If you can imagine it, we can create it. Check out the information below to see the different services we offer. All services listed are completed IN-HOUSE with our specialists.


We are Northwest Ohio’s premier & experienced Certified Cerakote® Applicators. When you want it done right, Hesseling and Sons is the only Cerakoter to trust with your projects.


Our 3-Axis, Class 4 with rotary 50-watt fiber laser is state-of-the-art! The key to great engraving is great artwork. Our in house graphic designer ensures every project is perfection.  


We love Guns! There’s nothing like taking a diamond in the rough back to it’s true luster. If you have it, we’ve fixed, repair or restored it…. even the rusty coffee can full of parts of Grandpa’s gun that was restored to being a family heirloom.

We are the HOME to & Creators of Glitter Gunz™. What’s Glitter Gunz™? Glitter Gunz™ is our patent pending Glitter Cerakote® application. It adds sparkle to any semiauto handgun or AR… or just about anything else you’d like. It comes in a rainbow of color options. We can coat any semiauto in our inventory for you or even a gun you already own.


Looking for a new holster? We can make one for you! This is especially a great option for anyone who has added accessories onto their handguns or anyone having difficulties finding exactly what they need from the basic holster market.


We offer a few different styles of custom Kydex holsters in a variety of colors and patterns. Inside the waistband, Outside the waistband, hybrid leather & Kydex, with/without a paddle, and more! Please feel free to reach out to us for more information!

out-of-state customers

Not local to our store? No problem!


COOL! Let our custom shop be your custom shop! We have a dealer program available to FFLs and Retailers with wholesale pricing. You can add valuable services while increasing your bottom line without the costly training and equipment. Contact us for more details and to get set up with our services.

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