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Gun Grit

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

Durable Tactical Texture Now Available!

Non-Slip Grip for your Slide!

Gun Grit is a durable, tactical Cerakote based finish for your slide that protects and adds texture for ease when racking in all conditions.

Sweaty hands, rain and snow are no problem if you have Gun Grit coating on your slide. Skaters tape wears out, peels and gums up. Gun Grit doesn't.

Gun Grit is only available at Hesseling & Sons and is our brand new, exclusive & proprietary coating.

Bring your slide into the store for coating or ship it to us to have this coating applied by our Advanced Certified Cerakote Applicators. Lead time is approximately 3 weeks.

To see the details about it exclusive and patent pending coating, visit

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